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Lawsuits Allege JUUL Addiction Responsible For Chronic Lung Condition and Behavioral Issues

Olga Demidova, a Cleveland Ohio mother on behalf of her minor child, recently filed a product liability lawsuit (PDF) alleging her child suffered a severe JUUL nicotine addiction due to the deceptive and illegal marketing of the vape pens towards minors, causing her child to develop chronic lung problems and severe behavioral issues. A similar…

JUUL and E-Cigarette Lawsuits

Over 1,10 lawsuits have been filed nation wide amid concerns over the health risks with JUUL vape pods and other e-cigarettes, especially among teens and previous non-smokers who have now become addicted to nicotine.  STATUS OF JUUL VAPE LAWSUITS: Given similar questions of fact and law presented in complaints filed throughout the federal court system,…