Honda Civic Electronic Power Steering Defect Poses A Dangerous Safety Risk Featured

honda civic power steering defectA class action lawsuit was recently filed against Honda Motor Company alleging that the electronic power steering used in model year 2022-2023 Honda Civic vehicles is defective and presents an extreme safety risk.

According to the lawsuit, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration {“NHTSA“) has received dozens of complaints from Honda Civic owners claiming that the electronic power steering on their vehicles is prone to randomly “stick” resulting in loss of steering control and maneuverability at high speeds (“Steering Defect”).

The extreme safety risk posed by the Steering Defect was described by one vehicle owner to the NHTSA as follows –

Our 2022 Civic Touring started exhibiting weird steering behavior about 3000 miles in. With higher speeds, the steering “sticks” and requires slight, but manual force to free it. Usually, when the stickiness happens and the car veers slightly to the left, I have to pull right to free the steering wheel again. This is dangerous as it can invite over compensation when correcting the locked steering, at best creates a jerky movement when correcting, at worst, over correction can cause accidents. Honda is not acknowledging this issue.”

Honda Refuses To Acknowledge The Steering Defect Despite Similar Complaints Since 2016

The lawsuit alleges that Honda has been aware of the steering defect since at least 2016 given the dozens of similar complaints received by the NHTSA and the fact that. between 2016 and 2021, Honda recalled certain Accord, CR-V, and Civic models due to the safety risk posed by the very same defect.

Honda Sought To Conceal The Steering Defect From Consumers

According to the complaint, Honda must have known about the defect from pre-release testing as, unlike age related defects, the power steering defect manifests itself very early in a vehicles life (less than 8000 miles).

Despite having knowledge of the steering defect, Honda concealed it from consumers as well as the potential safety concerns it presents..

Honda Fails To Warranty Repairs Or Reimburse Owners/Leaseholders

Even though the steering defect presents very early in the vehicles life, while a vehicle is under warranty, Honda refuses to compensate owners/lessees for any costs relating to the steering defect.

What Will This Class Action Accomplish?

This class action is meant to remedy Honda’s misconduct, and to compensate vehicle owners/lessees for all out of pocket costs associated with the defect.



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