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TikTok’s Clandestine Tracking Activities Violate User Privacy, Federal Wiretap Laws Featured

Another class action lawsuit was recently filed against tech giant TikTok and its Chinese parent ByteDance. This time the suit alleges the tech giant intentionally violates federal wiretap and user privacy laws in its pursuit to know and record in real-time every intimate detail of its users personal lives. According to the lawsuit, TikTok has…

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Apple Ignores User Privacy Settings In Pursuit To Profit From Data Featured

Multiple class action lawsuits were recently filed against Apple following the release of a report by Gizmodo stating that independent analysis showed the tech giant continues to collect data on its users even when its own settings promise to “disable the sharing of Device Analytics altogether.”   Apple’s Privacy Guarantee Is A Complete Illusion Privacy…

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Dangerous Levels Of Heavy Metals Found In Dark Chocolate Featured

Consumer Reports, an American nonprofit consumer organization dedicated to independent product testing, recently published an article warning about the levels of heavy metals it found in dark chocolates.. The Dark Side Of Dark Chocolate Dark chocolate has long been considered a ‘healthy’ indulgence given its rich supply of antioxidants and relatively low sugar levels. But…

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Faulty SnapRS Switches Render Generac PWRCell Solar Systems Useless – Lawsuit Featured

Generac SnapRS Switches are Defective and Prone To Early Failure A class action lawsuit was recently filed against portable energy giant Generac alleging that its SnapRS swtiches used in residential PWRCell solar energy systems are defective and prone to early failure during normal use. Failure of these switches decrease or completely impedes energy production for…

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RealPage Colluded With Landlords To Inflate Student Housing – Lawsuit Featured

A class-action lawsuit was recently filed by a University of Washington student alleging collusion among 10 of the largest players in the U.S. student rental housing industry. According to the lawsuit there was an unlawful agreement among student housing managers to “artificially inflate the prices of student housing across the United States,” specifically in college…

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Transamerica Insurance Sued For Breaching Terms Of Elderly Policyholders Featured

Policyholders Claim Massive Rate Increase Unlawful Transamerica Life Insurance Company faces a class action lawsuit over a massive rate increase to its flexible premium life policies. Plaintiffs allege that the 61% increase to their monthly deduction rates (“MDR“) is unlawful and excessive. These policies were issued decades ago. Many policyholders are now elderly and are…

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Stitch Fix Fails To Disclose Material Change To Business Model To Investors Detriment Featured

A class action lawsuit was recently filed against Stitch Fix Inc. (NASDAQ: SFIX) after Stich Fix and certain of its executives were charged with failing to disclose material information as required by federal securities laws. Stitch Fix sells a range of apparel, shoes, and accessories through its website and mobile application. Traditionally, Stitch Fix sold…

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OneTouchPoint Data Breach Places One Million Customers of Medical Services And Insurance Carriers At Risk For Identity Theft. Featured

OneTouchPoint, Inc. faces a proposed class action over an April 2022 data breach that allegedly exposed consumer information stored by the printing and mailing services provider. The 46-page lawsuit alleges OneTouchPoint, whose customers include health insurance carriers and medical providers, failed to properly safeguard the personal information of over one million consumers. Per the suit,…

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Beef Producers Conspire To Artificially Depress Employee Wages And Benefits Featured

Emerson Firm is investigating whether the nation’s largest beef packers and processors conspired to depress and to fix the compensation and benefits paid to non-supervisory production and maintenance employees working in beef processing plants in certain states. Beef processing and packers play a vital role in the nations meat supply chain. Industry employees endure physically…

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