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Electrostim Medical Services Data Breach Puts 542k Customers At Risk Of Identity Theft.

Lawsuit alleges EMSI’s negligence to properly secure network enabled hackers to steal personal and medical information of 542k customers. A lawsuit was recently filed against Electrostim Medical Services, Inc., which does business as EMSI, alleging that the Company failed to adequately secure its IT network allowing an “unknown and unauthorized third party” to access its…

Data Breach At Healthcare Software Provider ESO Solutions Exposes 2.7 Million Patients To Identity Theft.

Cyberattack at ESO Solutions compromises patient identities of several U.S. healthcare providers and fire departments. ESO Solutions, a provider of software products for healthcare organizations and fire departments, has confirmed that data belonging to 2.7 million patients has been compromised as a result of a ransomware attack that occurred at the cloud solutions provider on September…