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Master Complaint for Paragard IUD Lawsuits Will Allow Direct Filing of Cases in Federal MDL

The U.S. District Judge presiding over all federal Paragard IUD lawsuits has asked plaintiffs to file a “Master Complaint” this month, as part of a process expected to allow the direct filing of future claims through an abbreviated “Short Form Complaint” in the multidistrict litigation (MDL). There are already more than 100 product liability lawsuits…

Paragard Lawsuit

A growing number of women have suffered serious complications when a ParaGard intrauterine device (IUD) fractured or broke during removal, leaving small fragments in their body, which may migrate and cause damage to other organs. STATUS OF PARAGARD IUD LAWSUITS: Lawyers are investigating Paragard Copper IUD Lawsuits for women nationwide who suffered an injury due to…