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Data Breach At Independent Living Systems Exposes 4 Million To Identity Theft Featured

Independent Living Systems (“ILS”), a Miami, FL-based provider of third-party administrative services to managed care organizations, was recently hit with a lawsuit after informing the Maine Attorney General that it suffered a data breach that has affected up to 4,226,508 individuals – the largest healthcare data breach to be reported so far this year.  When Did…

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Zoll Medical Data Breach Exposes Over 1 Million Patients To Identity Theft Featured

Zoll Medical Corporation, a company that provides medical devices and software solutions for advanced emergency care, including cardiac monitoring, oxygen therapy, ventilation, data management, and more, recently reported that it suffered a data breach and that the protected health information of more than 1 million patients was stolen. What Happened? According to a notification letter issued…

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Fortra’s GoAnywhere Platform Vulnerability Puts 139k Hatch Bank Customers At Permanent Risk Of Identity Theft Featured

A class action lawsuit was recently filed against Fortra, a leading technology services company that provides data management and analytics solutions to financial technology banking platform Hatch Bank. Hatch Bank allows businesses to “securely” access bank services from other financial institutions using Fortra’s GoAnywhere MFT secure file sharing program.. What Happened? According to the lawsuit,…

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Data Breach At Maternal And Family Health Services Exposes 461k To Identity Theft Featured

A proposed class action was recently filed alleging Maternal and Family Health Services (MFHS) is responsible for a data breach that reportedly occurred between August 21, 2021 until April 4, 2022 and compromised the personal information of more than 461,000 current and former patients, employees and vendors.. MFHS Negligence Responsible For Data Theft The lawsuit suit…

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Regal Medical Group Ransomware Attack Nets Cyber Criminals Over 3 Million Medical Records Featured

A class action complaint was recently filed against Regal Medical Group, Lakeside Medical Organization, ADOC Medical Group, and Greater Covina Medical (collectively, “Regal”) alleging that it negligently failed to protect the personal health and identifying information of 3.3 million people. According to the complaint, the Southern California-based medical groups failed to adequately protect the sensitive…

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Advocate Aurora Healthcare Sharing Private Patient Health Information With Third Parties. Featured

Class Action Alleges Advocate Aurora Failed To Obtain Patient’s Consent To Share Private Health Data A class action lawsuit was recently filed against Advocate Aurora Health Inc. and Meta Platforms Inc. (Facebook) alleging that Aurora shared confidential Private Health Information (PHI) with Facebook through computer code embedded on Aurora Health’s websites and apps. Advocate Aurora…

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OakBend Medical Center Ransomware Attack Exposes Over 1 Million To Identity Theft Featured

OakBend Medical Center, a Richmond Texas based medical provider, announced that it was the target of a ransomware attack over the September Labor Day weekend. According to reports, the attack was first noticed on Sept 1st 2022 when files on its network were shown as encrypted. The IT infrastructure was immediately taken offline while authorities…

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Poor Security At Yuma Regional Medical Center Places Seven Hundred Thousand At Permanent Risk Of Identity Theft Featured

Yuma Regional Medical Center (YRMC), an Arizona based healthcare provider, faces a class action over an April 2022 data breach that compromised the personal and health information of 737,448 current and former patients. Failure To Follow Industry Security Guidelines Allowed Hackers To Gain Access To Data The lawsuit alleges that YRMC failed to meet data…

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