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Texas Medical Liability Trust Data Breach Exposes 59K To Identity Theft Featured

TMLT’s failure to adopt industry standard data protections as required by law places its customers at permanent risk of identity theft. A Class Action Complaint was recently filed against Texas Medical Liability Trust (TMLT) following a second report from the Maine Attorney General that the company and its affiliates, Texas Medical Insurance Company, Physicians Insurance…

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CareSource Data Breach Exposes 3.2 Million To Identity Theft Featured

Cl0p ransomware gang has leaked private patient data allegedly belonging to CareSource, one of the US’ largest Medicaid-managed healthcare plan providers. A lawsuit was recently filed against an Ohio-based health care provider CareSource alleging it failed to adequately screen its vendors and allowed private information to be stored unencrypted, in so doing, leaving it vulnerable…

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PurFoods Data Breach Puts 1.2 Million Customers At Risk Of Identity Theft Featured

PurFoods, which positions itself as a provider of “tailored home-delivered meals,” has reported a data breach affecting over 1.2 million people. PurFoods (doing business as Mom’s Meals) filed a Data Breach Notification report with the Maine Attorney General’s Office, stating that attackers acquired sensitive personal and identifiable information for approximately 1.2 million users of its…

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Oregon Health Plan Data Breach Exposes 1.7 Million Patients To Identity Theft Featured

MOVEit Transfer ransomware attack at Oregon Health’s data management services provider jeopardizes another 1.7 million patient identities. The Oregon Health Authority has disclosed that 1.7 million Oregon Health Plan members had their protected health information compromised following a data breach of its health data management services provider Performance Health Technology (“PH Tech”) stemming from the…

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HCA Healthcare Failed to Protect Personal Data of 11 Million Patients – Lawsuit Featured

HCA Healthcare, Inc.’s negligence is to blame for a July 2023 data breach that compromised personal and health information of 11 million patients. A lawsuit was recently filed against HCA Healthcare alleging that its failure to comply with prescribed industry standard data security measures allowed hackers to breach its security and steal the personal and…

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Progress Software’s MOVEit File Transfer Utility Exposes Untold Millions To Identity Theft. Featured

The number of victims affected by a campaign that targeted a zero-day vulnerability in Progress Sofware’s MOVEit file-transfer product to steal data continues to grow each day. What Happened? Numerous class action lawsuits were recently filed against Progress Software concerning a security vulnerability in its’ MOVEit file transfer utility that enabled hackers to exfiltrated untold…

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Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Plan Sued After Massive Data Breach Featured

Lawsuit alleges that Harvard Pilgrim, one of the largest healthcare insurers in the Northeast, along with its parent company Point32Health failed to adequately protect the data of 2.5 million customers. A class action lawsuit was recently filed against healthcare insurance giant Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and its parent company, Point32Health, alleging that the insurer failed…

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BNY Mellon Data Breach Exposes Customers To Identity Theft Featured

Data breach at BNY Mellon vendor enabled hackers to steal sensitive information from clients placing them at permanent risk of identity theft. On May 13, 2023, Bank of New York Mellon Corporation (“BNY Mellon”) filed a notice of data breach with the Attorney General of Massachusetts after learning that confidential information that had been entrusted…

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