Audi Piston Defect Lawsuit

Nature of Action:

This Consumer Class Action arises out of the Defendant’s failure to disclose material facts concerning piston defects associated with its two liter turbocharged 2.0T Engine, its unwillingness to acknowledge a problem exists, and the hazard the engine poses to driver, passengers and the public.

At issue are defects in the design, manufacture, and/or workmanship of the pistons in the 2.0T engine (“Piston Defect”). The defect can cause the pistons and the engine itself to fail at any time. It can also cause the engine to consume excessive amounts of oil. As a result, customers must incur out of pocket costs to repair or replace damaged engine parts up to and including the entire engine. These repairs cost thousands of dollars.

The cost isn’t the only problem; the engine is a safety risk, the complaint alleges, because when a piston or pistons fail abruptly, a vehicle instantly loses engine power: “It goes without saying that a sudden loss of power poses a clear-cut safety risk—it can prevent the driver from accelerating, maintaining speed, and even adequately controlling the steering wheel [and/or] engaging the brakes, all of which drastically increase the risk of collisions.”

Finally, the problem causes damage. The pistons or piston heads can crack, fracture, or splinter. The complaint claims that, “in addition to destroying critical engine components, it causes further damage throughout the powertrain as shards of the pistons circulate throughout the engine and fuel system.”

Status of Audi Lawsuit:

A Class Action was filed against the Defendants on April 30,2021.

Class Members:

The Class is open to all individuals in the United States of America including its territories who purchased or leased any 2012-2017 Audi vehicle equipped with the 2.0 L turbocharged engine.

Excluded from the Class are:

  1. Defendants, any entity or division in which Defendants have a controlling interest, and their legal representatives, officers, directors, assigns, and successors;
  2. the Judge to whom this case is assigned and the Judge’s staff;
  3. any Judge sitting in the presiding state and/or federal court system who may hear an appeal of any judgement entered; and
  4. those persons who have suffered personal injuries stemming from Subaru’s EyeSight Driver Assist Technology


The Defendant;s in this Class Action include –

  • Volkswagen Group of America, Inc., a New Jersey corporation, d/b/a
  • Audi of America, Inc.,
  • Audi AG, a German corporation, and
  • Volkswagen AG, a German corporation.


The 2.0T engine has been a problem cited by other class actions: for its excessive oil consumption in 2009-2011 vehicles and its timing chain problems in 2008-2013 vehicles. The complaint alleges, “These actions ultimately led VW to extend its warranty periods and reimburse claimants for unforeseeable costs related to the defective designs within the 2.0T Engines.”

The current Complaint alleges that Audi knew of the Piston Defect as early as pre-production testing yet failed to disclose it to consumers. Many customer complaints recorded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Association show that despite having knowledge of the Piston Defect and even armed with knowledge of the exact vehicles affected, VW often refused to diagnose the defect or otherwise attempt to repair a vehicle while it was under warranty. When VW did attempt repairs, it merely replaced the defective pistons with similarly defective pistons.